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Ayshe Tayfun, Owner & CEO

Health & Life Insurance Broker

Ayshe Tayfun has worked in the fitness and wellness industry for almost 15 years. She’s a native of Virginia and moved to Texas in 2010 to pursue a Master’s in Health Education at UT-Austin.

Ayshe ran a wellness program for over 4,000 housing and food service employees at UT-Austin. A Fitness and Wellness Coordinator position at Rice University led to a move to Houston in 2012. After getting her feet wet in the wellness industry, Ayshe branched out into healthcare, providing business development and corporate outreach for a Houston hospital system for six years. In early 2020, Ayshe combined her health, wellness and financial services experience to begin an insurance, financial services, healthcare and wellness consulting agency; MAT Health & Financial Solutions.

Ayshe loves building relationships, educating and designing insurance and financial strategies that exceed her clients’ needs and goals for the future.

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MAT Financial & Health Solutions prides itself in creating customized insurance, financial and business consulting solutions to meet their clients’ needs. We will connect you with all of the necessary resources and tools to set up your personal financial future and/or your business for long-term growth and success.Every person and business owner is in a different financial situation and phase of life. It’s our mission to provide insurance benefits, ranging from health insurance to long term disability for individuals and employers, that will provide the best coverage within your means. We are experts in leveraging life insurance investment strategies to provide tax savings solutions and tax-free income for life. As tax mitigation experts, we offer college funding options, key man business policies, real estate investments, and exit strategies for business owners. Our promise to you is regardless of whether you are in the wealth building stages of life or looking towards a work-optional future, we will prepare you every step of the way.

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